Tiana O’Konek is an artist, attorney, and mom currently specializing in watercolor painting and printmaking.  She draws inspiration from the world around her as well as from interaction with her artwork as it emerges.  She took courses at the storied printmaking program at the University of Iowa while attending the U of I School of Law.  She has an advanced degree in Human Rights Law from the London School of Economics and has employed her creative compassion in places ranging from the USA, to Latin America, to South East Asia, to Africa in positions serving the poor, the disadvantaged, immigrants, and most recently as Director of Diversity and Inclusion for the Minnesota State Bar Association.  Tiana now devotes all of her time drawing art and children's stories out of her experience of life.  The name of her enterprise comes from a frequent misunderstanding of her maiden name, Ti Gierke.

For inquires related to children's book writing and illustration, non-profit partnerships, or teaching engagements, please email tigerkeypress@gmail.com.

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